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Thanks to RESTU you are going to have more guests and because of that we will increase your revenues to the maximum

Pro.RESTU is a tool to attract new guests. The more you actively use it, the more guests will come to you. Plus you also get valuable reviews from real guests which are the best advertising.

Promote your business

Update your profile at RESTU, by adding interesting events or offering smart discounst and you'll see that the revenues will grow.

With online booking you are open 24 hours a day

S online rezervacemi máte otevřeno 24 hodin denně

Get reviews from real guests and collect valuable contacts

Thanks to Pro.RESTU you will get a pile of verified reviews and a lot of valuable contacts. It's only up to you how you use them.

An electronic reservation book

Work with your guests even outside of the restaurant

Our CRM system will allow you to work on relationships with your customers. You will find out what they like, what they are allergic to and a lot of other information.

Then you can send them newsletters or prepare personalized offers to generally work on their satisfaction.

Other functions

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Did you choose from among our services? Then there is nothing to prevent you from the selection of its optimal settings. Begin to take full advantage of Pro.RESTU and start up a new era for your business.

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